Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating Tips for Taking an Online Romance Offline

by TW Jackson

As more and more people are becoming children of the Information Age we're finding that there is a growing number of couples that meet for the first time online. At some point it's likely that you're going to be interested in taking your online relationship to a more "flesh and blood" level and go offline. These dating tips will help you make that first meeting more comfortable and safer.

1)Safety should be your first concern. It may seem highly skeptical but it's better to be safe than sorry. The odds are good that the other person is who he or she claims to be but it's always better to make safety a priority. If the other person cares about you the way he or she claims, your safety measures will be no problem.

2)Make first dates public. This is another safety measure to some degree but goes beyond protecting life and limb to protecting your heart. The first dates are not the time to go back to your place and consummate the relationship. They are a time to get to know one another in other ways. No matter how close you may have gotten online and how much you might want to lock yourselves away from the world it's a good idea to give yourselves the buffer of the real world to see what may have been missed online.

3)Take it slow. Again you might feel as though you have a very deep and intimate understanding of the other person. You honestly may. But, when you are only able to see the best the other person wants to show you (as is often the case with online relationships) it's a good time to take it slowly to protect your heart and make sure this is the right move for you.

4)Make it romantic. You may have great expectations of your first offline meeting. Make the most of it by going to great lengths to make sure that this is a romantic date for the two of you. You can plan an evening of star gazing, take a romantic dinner cruise, or do countless other things that are romantic for the two of you. Be sure to bring a little romance to the evening to remember why you are here in the first place.

5)Have fun! A date is supposed to be fun. If you spend the entire evening sweating the details and trying to make sure that everything is perfect you won't have time to spend getting to know your date "in the flesh." Focus on having fun together and you'll find that the details really aren't all that important.

Sometimes we turn to online dating because we can't shake our love for the one that got away. If you want nothing in this world more than to get your ex back then online dating might be the wrong path to take.

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