Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Teen Phone Chat Experience

Jerry from Seattle writes...

Okay, I totally shouldn’t even be writing this, but I have to tell you how I totally got over on my boyfriend, who said I was fat. I’m not, though!!! I weigh 130 and I’m 5’6” and I know that isn’t like model weight or anything but I still look good and I get lots of attention. ANYHOW. So what I’m saying is, I called your free date lines the other night while my man was out drinking beer with his dumb friends. I gave a fake name but other than that I just told the truth…that I’m nineteen, go to college, have one tattoo, 36D, etc. and that I like to party. I GOT SOOOOOO MANY RESPONSES! I cannot believe how many hot guys you have on your free dating chat!!! So now I’ve got like four dates set up and my boyfriend doesn’t even know what he’s missing…they all sound super-nice and respectful and also active, because I’m sick of sitting home and watching my fat slob boyfriend drink his stupid beer. So if he loves beer so much, he can have it! I’m gonna hang out with the hot boys I met on your free dating chat! You rule!!!!!! I totally never thought a free date line could be so awesome, but now I’m not going to bother meeting guys any other way. Ha ha on my dumb boyfriend.